Consensus Series

These studies are based on textual analysis. Textual analysis is the process of reading a text while applying analytic techniques. These ebooks were written to explore models of governance.

This is a picture of a pyramid of governance types

The technique described in these ebooks is based on a simple mathematical model in four dimensions:

  • Emotions: Emotions range from love to hate. Within political speeches this range is more subdued and might appear as a subtle shift between pulling listeners into agreement or pushing opponents out of the way.
  • Information: Information is conveyed through communication. Communication ranges from awareness to denial. Within political speeches this range is primarily displayed as low information flow verses high information flow. While politicians often subvert the truth, it is difficult to discern such deception without an extensive background into the events ongoing at the time.
  • Faith: Faith ranges from selfish to ecological. Within political speeches this range is discerned as inclusivity. Who does the politician offer to include in the benefits being described? Within developmental psychology the display of inclusivity is discerned in seven stages - self, family, team, roles, integrity, humanity, and ecological.
  • Uses: Uses is a simple measure of how frequently the emotion, flow, or faith is displayed.

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