Comparing inaugurals from Bush 43, Obama 44, and Trump 45

Released on 16 January 2020

This study examines the differences between five inaugural addresses delivered by three US Presidents. The purpose of this study is both to gain insight into the speeches and to document a technique for analyzing such speeches.

The themes identified in this study are accusation, challenge, gratitude, hope, ideals, information, opinion, promise, and warning. The stages of inclusivity examined are self, friends, people like us, citizens, multinational, humanitarian, and ecological. The variance between speakers and speeches is measured multi-dimensionally and examined for clues about the speaker's intent.

The technique used in this study is unveiled gradually with one layer added upon another sequentially until the full technique is defined.


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Category: Non-Fiction > Social science > Political science > Comparative politics

Words - 16,830

Language - English

ISBN - 9780463056653

Tags - Developmentalism, inaugural, inclusivity, repeatability, speech, textual analysis, themes, variance

Table of Contents

  • Copyright

  • Preface

  • Introduction

  • Technique - Starting with five inaugural addresses

  • Technique - Anonymization

  • Technique - Accuracy

  • Technique - Expanding to eleven speeches

  • Themes - Identifying the themes

  • Themes - Arranging the themes

  • Themes - Analysis by speech

  • Inclusivity - Identifying the breadth

  • Inclusivity - Analysis by speech

  • Variance in themes

  • Variance in inclusivity

  • Variance in center of gravity and momentum

  • Summary

  • Bibliography

  • Other works by Robert Perrine

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