Mathematical Analysis of the Nobel Peace Lectures

This book examines the Nobel Peace lectures for uses of affection, attention, affiliation and time. Those lectures contain a rich pool of material describing advanced concepts for social maturity. The recurring themes are calls for world police, elaborated treaties, mutually beneficial agreements and optimism about our future.

Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » History

Published: July 09, 2012

Words: 24,360

Language: English

ISBN: 9781452486840

Tags: benevolence "coping style" ecologist humanitarian judgment oppression peace roleplayer service skepticism "social maturity" statesperson teaching "team player" "Albert Gobat" "Albert Schweitzer" "Anwar al Sadat" "Arthur Henderson" "Barack Obama" "Bertha Von Suttner" "Cordell Hull" "David Morse" "David Trimble" "Desmond Tutu" "Elie Ducommun" "Elihu Root" "Emily Greene Balch" "F W de Klerk" "Ferdinand Buisson" "Frank Billings Kellogg" "Henry Kissinger" "Jimmy Carter" "John Hume" "John P Holdren" "John R Mott" "Kim Daejung" "Kofi Annan" "Leon Bougeois" "Leon Jouhaux" "Lester Bowles Pearson" "Linus Pauling" "Liu Xiaobo" "Martin Luther King Jr" "Menachem Begin" "Mohamed Elbaradei" "Mother Teresa" "Muhammad Yunus" "Mumtaz Soysal" "Norman Borlaug" "Ralph Bunche" "Randal Cremer" "Tawakkol Karman" "Tenzin Gyatso" "Theodore Roosevelt" "Wangari Maathai" "Woodrow Wilson"

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