Books about technology have a very short half-life.

This collection of ebooks is a mixture of fictionalized journals from a few projects along with training materials that still seem to have some relevance. These were written while Robert was searching for the framework that could describe the people part of these projects and efforts.

For details about any of these ebooks, click the link, below, to go to the corresponding Smashwords page.

Be of Service - Start a New Group; 9781311600660.

Presentations on the Critical Path Method; 978-1-4523-8534-1.

ITIL Integration Exercises; 978-1-4523-92233.

Demonstrating Design for Six Sigma; 978-1-4523-6066-9.

Project Scheduling Alternatives; 978-1-4523-5561-0.

Summary of Best Practices for Information Technology; 978-1-4523-8398-9.

Presentations on Classical ITIL; 978-1-4523-6091-1.

Survey of HR for Projects; Smashwords; 978-1-4523-3094-5.

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